PB - Plasmas and Beams

The Plasmas and Beams disciplinary cluster comprises four strong research groups: Coherence and Quantum Technology (CQT), Elementary Processes in Gas Discharges (EPG), Plasma and Materials Processing (PMP) and Science and Technology of Fusion (FUSION). Each has a clearly defined strategy, with a strong relevance to society that resonates well with the needs of regional industry and the DIFFER national institute for fundamental energy research. 

Research Quality

The TU/e Applied Physics department is clearly a world reference in the field of plasma physics, with a strong international profile.

Relevance to society

Plasma science has many applications in industry, and the research unit at TU/e has a strong set of industrial partners that ensures its research has maximum impact. This includes companies and laboratories such as Philips, ASML, Thermo Fischer Scientific, VDL-ETG, DIFFER etc. In fusion, the research unit works in close partnership with the national program at DIFFER to ensure a complementary research program which informs its very effective fusion education program and provides an environment for knowledge transfer between fusion and other disciplines.