Research projects

Allocating students in the context of teachers’ annual report meetings in secondary education 
Assessment Practices in inter-program CBL Education: The case of the innovation Space Bachelor End Project (ISBEP) 
Authentic learning, exploring an educational approach for Higher Engineering Education, at the interface between technical knowledge, social sciences and humanities
Can Scrum function as an educational scaffold to improve students’ self-regulation and attitude towards uncertainties in challenge based learning? 
Challenge Based Education in/for Mathematics and Physics education: Towards the development of suitable ISBEP projects 
Challenge based learning in Industrial Design 
Challenge Based Tasks For Fundamental Knowledge 
CMODE-UP: Challenge based modular on-demand digital education upscaled
Deepening Multidisciplinary with Systems & Control 
Design Your CBL
Designing a data feedback cycle for improving (student) teachers’ teaching of science and technology inprimary schools
Designing a digital learning environment for learning and teaching quantum mechanics at upper secondary school level
Duurzame innovaties in het onderwijs: Een systematische literatuurreview. De invloed van (gespreid) leiderschap en de samenhang met contextuele, relationele en individuele condities.
Effective learning and student-team collaboration in the international classroom at TU/e
Enhancing bachelor students’ ownership in hands-on education: the case of mechanical engineering 
Evaluation of Socio-Scientific Issues-based science lessons 
Flankerend onderzoek Domeinonderwijs 
Implementation of 360 ̊-Virtual Reality to support meaningful chemistry education at secondaryschoollevel
Learning to reflect, how to coach that? Research on Coaching Skills to Support the Reflection Process of Technasium Students
LESSAM: Lesson Study as a vehicle for improving achievement in mathematics (Erasmus+)
Mobile learning for challenge-based education – Enhancing engineering education with mobile-centred authentic, personalized and collaborative assignments (CEE/Innovation Fund)
Modularisation: the case of mathematics in/for engineering education
Multi-Math: Communicating mathematically in the multilingual university (CEE/Innovation Fund) 
Pedagogy of Challenge-based learning 
Preparing engineering students for tomorrows challenges: Investigating challenges to support interdisciplinarity 
Professional development of teachers in the technical domain: a content based approach in the lessons of senior secondary vocational education teachers
Professional learning communities in pre-vocational secondary schools: Effects of interdependency on differentiated teaching 
Progression and Pedagogy of Design: Contextualizing Design based Pedagogy in Teacher Education Programs
Promoting ownership in pre-vocational education 
Scaffolding challenge‐based teaching in different educational contexts through Lesson Study 
Science Teachers Design Formative Evaluation Tools for SSI (Socio-Scientific Issues) Skills
Structural scaffolding via diagrams to teach students syntactic proof production (CEE/Innovation Fund)
Student learning experiences in challenge-based education: the case/s of applied mathematics and physics 
Supporting evidence-based educational innovation at TU/e
Teacher professional learning in the context of innovations in higher education
The Academic Teacher Education Program: Striving for Excellence and Ambition 
Towards achieving a shared aim: Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development by Using Socio-scientific Issues in Science Education


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