During the bachelor program of Industrial Design, students have the opportunity to do an internship as part of their curriculum. For a period of three to four months, students will contribute to your organization.  

An internship provides students with the opportunity to experience a professional design or design research context, and to develop specific knowledge and skills outside the educational program. It is important that students will work on their own development as formulated in their personal development plan.

During the internship, students take part in the work of your company, institution or research department. They will integrate their learned expertise in the context of the organization and develop their identity and vision in a professional setting. During the internship, the students are triggered to think about their future profession.

Publish an internship vacancy

Do you want to hire an Industrial Design intern? Do you fulfill the Industrial Design internship prerequisites? Then we have various opportunities to reach the students with your internship vacancy.

  • Internship vacancy list: we can add your internship vacancy to our online list, we keep this list up to date with the most interesting and suitable internships for our students. Please complete the internship vacancy form and e-mail us this completed form. We will check the form and publish this on our vacancy list.
  • Facebook group: we can share your internship vacancy in our vivid community to help you to spread the word and find a matching student. 
  • Posters/flyers: if you provide us with flyers and/or posters, we can distribute them in our building so students can to get to know your company. 

Find an Industrial Design intern

When you would like to find an intern, make sure to check the following: 

  • Verify the design project/task set-up and outcomes in the student’s personal development plan.
  • Agree on the placement fee and available resources.
  • Finalize the internship agreement.