The department

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been a core part of the university since Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) was founded in 1956. Education, research and valorization are closely linked and belong to the core activities of the department.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a Bachelor’s program and several Master’s programs. With these programs the department provides education to approximately 1,500 students. Since eduation and research are closely linked, students contribute directly to the research of the faculty. Students and staff are satisfied with the education programs and facilities, resulting in high rankings on various nationwide rankings, such as the National Student Survey and Elsevier.


The research of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is focused on three knowledge pillars: 

  • Computational and Experimental Mechanics (CEM)
  • Thermo Fluids Engineering (TFE)
  • Dynamical Systems Design (DSD)

The scientific staff of the faculty (including more than 150 PhD students and post-docs) is active in several research groups. Because the faculty gives plenty of space for interdisciplinary research, research within these groups is both conceptual and methodological. This distinguishes the Department of Mechanical Engineering at TU/e from other Departments of Mechanical Engineering in the Netherlands.


The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to carry out long-term, generic, world-class research and education on several carefully selected subjects that fall within the research profile of TU/e. The research matches the technological needs of the high-tech industry, which is especially present in the Eindhoven region. This makes the faculty not only an incubator for leading research, but also allows for close collaboration with the industry.