Scanning at the library

The Library provides facilities for photocopying, scanning or printing documents for TU/e students and staff members. The Multifunctional Printers (MFPs) in the library have been specially configured for these purposes.

Students need print credit to print or scan jobs, you can find extra info here

Where in the library

The library actually provides 4 MF's, two on floor 0 and two on floor -1
(map of the library).

Using the multifunctional printers (MFPs)

To use the MFP you will need to login with your TU/e account or Campus card.

First time using MFP

Your campus card first needs to be linked to the MFP.
Visit the ICT intranetpage to find the instructions for:

  • First time login on MFP as new user
  • MFP login as known user
  • Scanning on MFP

You need to open the scan drive:
Start > All programs > accessories > run > type here: \\campusfiler\scans

You can send scans to:

  • (your) emailadres
  • to homedrive: scan is send to the scanserver \\campusfiler\scans.
    On the scanserver every TU/e employee and-student has a "homedrive" (personal folder).
    Go to \\campusfiler\scans to collect the scan in your personal folder.

The scans to folder on \\campusfiler\scans are deleted every night at midnight.
Visitors from outside TU/e will as yet not be able to make scans.

Extra information can be found here.