Snowy and icy conditions on campus

Photo by Bart van Overbeeke

TU/e takes responsibility for managing slippery conditions caused by snowfall or black ice.

TU/e pursues an active gritting policy on the roads, at building entrances, on the parking lots and on the most important (cycle) paths on the site. As far as possible gritting is done preventatively. TU/e has a variety of sources for starting gritting in time.

TU/e has a fixed gritting route: all roads and building entrances are gritted. It is not possible to be able to grit everywhere. In gritted areas with less driving, snow takes longer to dissolve.

However, there will always be situations in which there are slippery sections of road between the moment when snowy or icy conditions are announced/observed and the actual moment when management measures are implemented. 

As a result, there will always be a risk of skidding, possibly involving damage. We therefore request all road users to take their own responsibility in slippery conditions: Drive slowly in slippery conditions. Please observe this rule: by doing so a great deal of trouble can be avoided. 

For extensive information about TU/e measures to combat slippery conditions please read the document below.


For reports, please contact Real Estate Frontoffice via or 040-247 2650.