for public-private partnerships


EAISI IMPULSE was an investment program initiated to stimulate and increase public-private partnerships for research in the EAISI key application areas of health, high tech industry and mobility. The program ended in 2023 after a very successful run.


The investment program for joint research projects aimed to set up 10 to 20 projects which in total will house 50 researchers.
In an EAISI-IMPULSE project TU/e cooperates with one industry partner or a consortium of partners. A typical project is scaled to a number of 4 PhD positions, but the project plan may include both PhD, EngD and PostDoc positions.

The general principle is that one PhD position paid by industry is matched by TU/e with another PhD position. TU/e aims for high-pace contractual agreements based on lightweight proposal requirements without long evaluation time and without multi-stakeholder negotiations.

After a very successful run the program has ended in 2023.