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The Strategic Area Health covers many different areas; from cancer research to regenerative medicine and from biosensors to data science and robotics.



Focus areas

Health at TU/e covers 7 focus areas: Bio-molecular Sensing, Data Science in Health, Healthy Daily Living, Medical Imaging and Monitoring, Monitor - Diagnose and Present, Regenerative Medicine and Robotics.

The central thread of my career lies in high-tech innovation in healthcare and that is also my passion. My experience in industry is largely complementary to the knowledge TU/e already has. I believe that it is exactly this combination that is really powerful and will help me to extend and strengthen the SA Health.

Carmen van Vilsteren, director Strategic Area Health


Engineering solutions that will impact people's health

TU/e contributes to the progress of technical sciences and the development of technological innovations. Its research plays a significant role in the international scientific community.

Our society faces numerous challenges in the field of healthcare. These include an ageing population, a growing number of people with lifestyle related diseases like obesity and diabetes and other chronic diseases, as well as rapidly rising staff shortages. These challenges require new products and services in the healthcare industry and technology can play a crucial role in addressing those challenges.

That is why Health has been a key focus at TU/e for many years. In fact, TU/e was the first Dutch university to offer a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, and Health is now one of TU/e’s three strategic areas, positioning the university as a leader in this field. Technology with a human face.

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Naturally restoring the heart valve

Xeltis is eager to provide patients who need heart valve replacement with a new option offered through our restorative technology, to ultimately improve their lives and reduce healthcare system costs.

Xeltis Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Laurent Grandidier


Our student teams

Top sector Life Sciences & Health

Top Sector Life Sciences & Health initiates and stimulates interdisciplinary R&D in public private partnerships. By attracting funding, sharing best practices, the connective role and communicating as one voice, the Top Sector wants to boost the vibrant and productive sector. Carmen van Vilsteren was appointed standard-bearer of this Top Sector on April 1st 2019.

Our educational programs

TU/e offers various Health related programs at BSc, MSc, PDEng and PhD level. There is also an Honors program.

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Making healthcare more efficient, so that it contributes to a better quality of life, requires new products and services. That is why TU/e is developing new technologies to make care more patient-oriented. TU/e collaborates with a wide variety of industrial and medical partners to help achieve this goal.


These research projects are turned into successful companies.


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