E-conversion Laboratory

The purpose of the e-conversion lab is to make students familiar with the operation of synchronous and asynchronous electrical machines, to provide modifiable software with the possibility to introduce various control strategies in order to drive these electrical machines, or simply to offer the setups as an energy source for educational and research experiments.

The laboratory is facilitated in Flux 1.137 – one floor below the location of the EPE group offices. The courses listed below take place in the e-conversion laboratory:

  • 5EWA0 Electromechanics;
  • 5LWG0 Power electronics for high precision application;
  • 5XWB0 Electrical drive systems;
  • 5LWE0 Control of rotating field machines;
  • 5XWF0 Design project on wireless charging.

During these courses, students execute the following tasks: take characteristics of DC -, permanent magnet synchronous -, and induction machines and analyze the behavior of these machines; create and test control loops for the machine drives; use the setups to mimic the behavior of the wind turbines (or any other energy source with constant or variable output power); use modifiable control units to drive power electronics circuits either composed by the students themselves of provided to them. Besides the abovementioned courses, the laboratory equipment is widely used by the master’s students for their internship and graduation projects.