Department of Mechanical Engineering

Energy Technology

The mission our group is to advance heat & flow technologies for energy and high-tech applications. This mission encompasses the scientific development of new methods and tools (science); optimizing advanced systems (technology); transferring knowledge to application partners (valorization); and educating and challenging future generations of engineers (education).


Research for advancing the energy transition

One of today’s most prominent societal challenges is the energy transition. Within the upcoming ten years our society will have to meet stringent CO2 emission targets in order to mitigate climate change. We believe that the solution largely lies in improved storage technologies to cope with diurnal and seasonal renewable energy variations.

Darcy Laboratory

The ETFD group manages the Darcy laboratory. This laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art CT and MRI scanning instruments to probe the transport of moisture and ions in porous materials. The Darcy laboratory is jointly operated by the ETFD group and the Transport in Permeable Media group of the Department of Applied Physics of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Our research themes

Research in our group is focussed in three research themes.

In the media

Oftentimes our group appears in the media to explain and interpret scientific discoveries. Follow the link below for the latest instances we appeared in the media.

Student Opportunities

The Energy Technology group is responsible for several Bachelor courses in Mechanical Engineering. Also, several minor projects and bachelor final projects are also offered by the group. The group participates in three Master programs/tracks, which are closely related to the research activities of the group. Several Master courses are taught in these programs. Please click the following links for more information.

Meet some of our Researchers


Many students have succesfully completed their internships, bachelor and master theses. Click on the following link to read the testimonials of an associate professor and two former students.