Educating and training our future engineers is one of the prime tasks of our group. The group Microsystems participates in the educational curriculum at BSc and MSc levels. The core disciplines we teach are: design, microfabrication methods, soft matter and microfluidics. The emphasis of the courses is on the translation of an idea into a real system, starting from the application, and using various design principles and manufacturing methods. Most of the courses, therefore, have a strong practical component; also, the field of microsystems is by definition multidisciplinary which is reflected in the courses as well. Both the practical and the multidisciplinary aspects are relevant in a later industrial career of our students.

Bacherlor Courses

At the BSc level, we teach all basic elements within our discipline that are needed to have the basic analytical skills to design and manufacture microsystems. We provide interesting project opportunities for Bachelor End Projects (BEP).  

Master Courses

At the MSc level, we provide in-depth courses to train specialists in microfabrication methods, soft matter, and microfluidics. We have an international network of companies and universities for carrying our your Master internship. It is possible to carry out challenging Master graduation projects, either within our own group or at our industrial partners.

If you have questions about exchange programs at Microsystems, please contact, and for a full MSc program, please contact