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Polymer Technology

The Polymer Technology group of Eindhoven University of Technology provides education on and conducts research in the broad area of Polymer Technology, i.e. the industrial arts of manufacturing of polymer-based products.


"Bridge the gap from molecule via processing to product properties… and back"

Design of polymer products and shaping processes benefit from a change from experimental trial-and-error to quantitative predictive capability. The main objective is to provide knowledge and models for the prediction and understanding of structure development during processing and the resulting final properties of polymeric products. These properties are determined by intrinsic (molecular) material parameters and, to a great extent, by the processing conditions. 

Research areas

The research is aimed at bridging the gap between science and technology in the area of polymer processing and design, through the use of experimental and computational tools in the modeling of the full thermo-mechanical history of material (elements) during their formation, processing and final design, to quantitatively predict properties of processed objects.


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Student Opportunities

Are you a student interested in graduating or doing a project in the Polymer Technology group? Our research covers a very broad range of subjects. Click on the link below to find out more about us and the projects we offer.

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Seminars and events

Polymer Technology frequently organises/goes to seminars and events. See here some relevant seminars for our group:

26-02-2018: "Phase Mechanics' of arrested colloidal gels: A new paradigm for non-equilibrium phase transitions in soft matter" - Roseanna N. Zia

26-02-2018: "Dynamics of dense soft colloids with varying shape or densification stimulus" - Dimitis Vlassopoulos

31-01-2018: "Miniaturization is a trend, but how does it affect the break-up and coalescence of droplets in shear flow?" - Paula Moldenaers

05-12-2017: "Stimuli-responsive polymer materials" - Albert Schenning