Bachelor Students

At the ICT Lab, we provide you with effective guidance to build up skills in a practice-based learning environment. You will be introduced to real-world experiences, and acquire a solid knowledge of Information and Communication theory.

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I learned how to increase signals resilience to noise

If you want to listen to music on the radio, there can be noise which disturbs the sound that you eventually hear. To reduce the disturbance in the sound, there are several tactics, and one of them is using forward error correction. Here the signal that will be sent is altered beforehand, such that it is possible to retrieve the original signal even with noise in the channel. During my BEP at the ICT Lab, I was able to investigate a forward error correction method with the help of experts in the field. At the ICT Lab, it is possible to work on real problems together with highly respected companies, which is a wonderful learning experience

- Esther Dommisse

Coherent Package: Machine Learning and Information Processing for Communications

The Internet traffic currently flows through cables, optical fibers, satellite and wireless links at previously unimaginable speeds. This always-connected society we live in is therefore generating vast amounts of data which needs to be properly processed. Information need to be safely stored but also transmitted from source to destination, often through complex communication networks. The generated data can also be used by artificial intelligence to learn and monitor telecommunication systems and also to improve digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms used therein.

Source: Historic global data traffic based on Cisco Visual Networking Index

The aforementioned topics are covered in the coherent package Machine Learning and Information Processing for Communications, where problems related to digital information are treated from telecommunications, information theory, and machine learning perspectives.

For more information visit Module 27 at the Check Your Master 2020 event hosted on CANVAS.

My bachelor project allowed me to dive into new knowledge and to explore forward error correcting codes for optical fiber communication

During the bachelor end project, I got the opportunity to work on new forward error-correcting codes for optical fiber communication. It caught my attention since I could do a simulation-based analysis of this promising technology. This was really what I was looking for since I am fond of a programming challenge. Also, the opportunity to work at the forefront of technology really appealed to me. The project required me to dive into new knowledge and to explore and test the different technologies. At some moments this was slightly difficult. But it was really a collaboration between me and supervisor Gabriele Liga from the ICT lab. This helped me to progress and, in the end, obtain new insights. Overall, I had a great experience with the ICT lab and the project gave me more confidence in my own capabilities

- Joost Hakvoort