Master Students

At the ICT Lab, we provide you with effective guidance to strengthen your skills in a practice-based learning environment. You will be working on real-world problems side by side with leading researchers who are developing the foundations of future communications technologies.

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I work on the front lines to enhance optical fiber communications

Demands for digital communications and data traffic have shown a staggering exponential increase during recent years. Innovations in coherent transceivers are vital to keeping up with this rapidly increasing bandwidth usage, allowing worldwide communications to grow even further. At the ICT Lab, I worked with experts in the field to develop a new type of receiver for optical fiber channels. Combining existing channel models with the power of machine learning yielded a new technology that not only mitigated channel impairments much more accurately than before, but did so with virtually no-hit in the efficiency. When I first chose to apply for a project at the ICT Lab I did so because their field of interest and the projects they had on offer really spoke to me, but what I got in the years that followed was so much more. They helped me grow, from a beginner to an expert, from a student to a teacher, from an unknown face in the crowd to an involved researcher with much to bring to the table. They managed to guide me in the right direction, while still leaving enough room for me to find my path and develop myself. Spending three years at the ICT Lab, first doing my BEP, then my Master project, has given me a whole new perspective on the impact of digital signal processing and the role I get to play in it. I feel like I've truly become a member of this group in a way that goes further than just professionalism

- Rick Butler

Master Paths

For Master students, we offer master paths, which focus on the following core research areas: fiber optics, wireless communications, radar processing, and information security. Here we provide you with some suggested trajectories hoping to give you insights and inspiration on how you can engage in the future of information and communication theory.

Currelty, we offer you the following options:

Follow the Education guide for a Master in Electrical Engineering for more detailed information about the following a Master in Electrical Engineering.

Master Internships

The ICT Lab cooperates with industrial partners that frequently have internships available for graduate students with a background in information and communication theory. Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss the opportunity for joining a company like NXP, Philips, NICT Japan, Fujitsu Network Communications (FNC) or Intrinsic ID. If you are interested in doing an internship with one of our academic partners (e.g. Duke University, Chalmers University of Technology) also don’t hesitate to get in touch.