Research Labs

Innovation begins with people. People who are open, passionate, curious, professional and connected. People who nourish dreams and ideas. It results in al lively community where knowledge and brilliant minds from inside and outside the campus actually meet and work together in order to do pioneering research on societal challenges and issues. In order to conduct this groundbreaking research, to attract outstanding scientific talent, and to train new generations of engineers, we have state-of-the-art research labs and facilities at our disposal, of which some are unique in the Netherlands, or even in the world.

Other Labs and Facilities

Next to the 14 bigger laboratories, TU/e hosts another 40 smaller research labs. We have grouped these labs by Department. Should you be interested in cooperation or using these facilities? We have indicated wether facility sharing is optional or not for each lab. For more information please contact the contactperson of the lab. You will find all information and contactpersons via the download button below.