Research Support Network

The knowledge network that supports researchers in finding external funding for their research and developing project proposals.

The Research Support Network is the knowledge network that supports researchers in finding external funding for their research and developing project proposals. There are many sources to fund research, each with their own goals and requirements. Many funding schemes are highly competitive.
The Research Support Network has extensive experience with the different funding schemes and can offer specialized support for researchers to maximize their chances of success. It also helps with the specifics that come with cooperating with industry. The network is formed by specialists located in the departments and in the TU/e Innovation Lab, each with their own specialism and focus.

The Research Support Network offers support on all aspects of research funding including:

  • Help identifying the best funding schemes for their research idea and career stage;
  • An overview of deadlines for grant applications;
  • Support in preparing grant applications, feedback on draft proposals and tips & tricks for increasing chances of success;
  • Legal support, such as contracts with companies, intellectual property and consortium agreements.

More detailed information on the Research Support Networks services can be found on the intranet (vpn connection required). 
Or contact one of our specialists you will find in the overview below. 


Who can help me at TU/e?

We have extensive experience with the different funding schemes and we can offer specialized support for researchers.  
For support, please contact one of the specialists of theTU/e Research Support Network.


Individual grants

Legal counsels

Ties Leermakers
Karoline Duijvesz
Laura Pander

Baukje Rongen
Theo Elfring

Regular projects

Intellectual property

Karen Luijten-Hoffman
Gerard Verschuren

Suki Sandhu

Department of Applied Physics

Department of Built Environment

Victor Land

Freek Bos (Structural Design)
Maaike Riemersma (Departmental)

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Leon Luwijs
Harmen de Jongh (RegMedXB and Strategic Alliance UU-UMC)

Jesse Scholtes
Jan-Paul Krugers


Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences 

Martin Timmer 
Gabriela Dima 
Elisabeth McKenzie

Ingrid Vliegen
Masja Kempen 
Chris Knighting 
Marisa Goracci

Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Industrial Design

Jan Haagh
Victor Sanchez 
Wil Hendrix
Diana Kiss
Femke Witteveen

Xin-Ying Ren (Systemic Change)
Diana Stah (Future Everyday)

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Innovation Strategy & Partnerships

Harold Weffers 
Wil Schilders 
Joost Gabriels 
Martijn Klabbers 

Clément Goossens
Gérôme Friesen
Herman van Hoeven
Irma Rommers

Strategic Areas & Centers  

Smart Mobility: Ben Rutten

Health: Gérôme FriesenMarieke van Beurden (Vitality)


Data Science Center: Mark Mietus, Pieter van Gorp, Marius Monen

High Tech Systems Center: Tycho Sonnemans 




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