Assistant Professor

Arthur de Jong


Arthur de Jong is an assistant professor in the research group for Molecular Biosensing for Medical Diagnostics, a joint group of the TU/e departments of Applied Physics and Biomedical Engineering. He develops approaches for single-molecule sensing with the aim to study individual biomolecules in complex environments. He aims to develop next-generation biosensing principles that enable continuous patient monitoring. In his research he combines small colloidal particles with molecular constructs to engineer single molecule sensors. His current research focusses on

* single molecule techniques;

* colloid and interface functionalization and interactions;

* designing and making non-fouling surfaces; and

* microfluidics and sensor integration technology.

Single molecule biosensors are a great benefit for society. They can be applied for monitoring and control in healthcare, food, and the environment.


Arthur de Jong studied Chemical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), where he obtained his MSc degree in 1989. In 1994, he received his PhD from the Schuit Institute of Catalysis and continued his research at TU/e in the field of catalysis and surface science as a postdoc. In 1997, he joined the group Applications of Ion Beams and Accelerators at the TU/e department of Applied Physics, where he was appointed as assistant professor in 2000. He joined the group Molecular Biosensing for Medical Diagnostics in 2005. Arthur de Jong is a core member of the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems at TU/e, where groups from different disciplines (chemistry, physics, biomedical engineering, mathematics) collaborate on multidisciplinary research topics.