Günsu Merin Abbas

Department / Institute
Built Environment


Günsu Merin Abbas is a postdoctoral researcher in Renovation Explorer project conducted by Building Performance research group, the unit Building Physics and Services at Eindhoven University of Technology. Her area of expertise is building energy performance and simulation, tool integration, indoor environmental quality, building performance under climate change, and design computing.

It is not a matter of routine but fertile in its repetition, in its very monotony..." Günther Uecker


Günsu Merin Abbas studied architecture at Izmir University of Economics [2011], and received both M.Arch [2014] and PhD in Architecture [2021] degrees from Middle East Technical University. Her M.Arch research focuses on generative design systems, while her PhD focuses on the integration of the simulation-based and physical-based building performance analysis methods to provide healthier indoor environments. She previously worked as a practicing architect in both national and international architectural projects. In parallel to her PhD studies, she started to work as a fulltime lecturer at the Department of Architecture, TOBB University of Economics and Technology.

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