Xiangzhen Kong

Department / Institute
Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences


Xiangzhen Kong received his B.Eng. from School of Computer Science and Technology at Wuhan University of Technology, China in 2012. He joined HTI Group at the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences as a Ph.D. student since September 1st 2015.

His research topic now is “Modelling the Temporal Behavior of Human Color Vision for Lighting Applications”, which is supervised by Prof. Dr. Ingrid Heynderickx and Dr. Ingrid Vogels from the faculty Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (HTI Group) at Tu/e. The project aims to build a model to describe the perception of temporally modulated colored light. The project is also a collaboration with the CIE Technical Committee TC 1-83 "Visual Aspects of Time-Modulated Lighting Systems" (lead by Dragan Sekulovski), which aims at defining recommendations and standards for temporally modulated lighting systems.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities