Theory of Polymers and Soft Matter

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van der Schoot selected for J. Chem. Phys. Editors Choice
Going Glassy: Lyulin's work making the headlines
Cum Laude PhD for Remy Kusters  
Teaching awards for Ellenbroek and van der Schoot
Best lecturer award for Van der Schoot
Barely Rigid: Wouter Ellenbroek's networks on the cover of Phys. Rev. Lett.
10/10 mark for Koen Schakenraad's M.Sc. thesis (pdf of the thesis)
Van der Schoot's supramolecular polymers make the cover of Langmuir
Another cover for Lyulin: J. Pol. Sci.
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About our group
We're a theory group focused on the multiscale physics of biological and synthetic organic matter. From protein to organ, from polymer chain to plastic. The central challenge in our work is to understand of the relation between the molecular microstructure of materials, the microscopic physical processes that bring about these structures, and the material properties that result. We employ a variety of analytical and computational theoretical-physical methods – ranging from statistical and soft-matter physics, to solid-state quantum theory, to large-scale computer simulations – to help deepen the understanding of the complex interplay between structure, property and dynamics.

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