Research Support Network

The Research Support Network (RSN) is the knowledge network that supports researchers in finding external funding for their research and developing project proposals. There are many sources to fund research, each with their own goals and requirements. Many funding schemes are highly competitive. The RSN has extensive experience with the different funding schemes and can offer specialized support for researchers to maximize their chances of success. It also helps with the specifics that come with cooperating with industry. The RSN is formed by specialists located in the departments and in the Innovation Lab, each with their own specialism and focus.

The RSN offers support on all aspects of research funding including:

  • Help identifying the best funding schemes for their research idea and career stage;
  • An overview of deadlines for grant applications;
  • Support in preparing grant applications, feedback on draft proposals and tips & tricks for increasing chances of success;
  • Legal support, such as contracts with companies, intellectual property and consortium agreements.

More detailed information on the RSN’s services can be found on the intranet (vpn connection required). An overview of departmental support officers can be found here.