Psychology & Technology

Degree structure


The basic courses, electives and USE courses

You take a number of technical basic courses that you need as an engineer. Think of mathematics, physical sciences, data analysis and technical design. You also develop professional skills such as working together and organizing.

A quarter of the bachelor's degree consists of electives, that you choose together with your teacher coach. Electives give you the freedom to shape your own program based on your interests and ambitions. Do you want to specialize in one specific field? Or do you want to combine the various specializations? Electives are taught at almost every department in order to broaden your knowledge or specialize in a specific topic.

Finally, you take a number of USE courses that teach you to involve the User, Society and Enterprise.

The major Psychology & Technology

The major forms the base of your study program. Within this major, you follow specific courses in the field of technology and psychology. You choose a specialization that best suits you: Robotics, IT or Living and technical electives. In the remainder of your major you can focus on research methods and practical assignments.

Study load

In the first year, you have around 6 to 8 contact hours per course per week. This is in the form of lectures. In addition, you will spend two days a week on Design and Research-oriented assignments, that you work on in groups. The homework revolves around studying the material discussed in class. After the first year, the number of contact hours at the university decreases and is replaced by more hours of self-study.

Challenge-Based Learning

You apply the knowledge you gain during the study program in Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) projects. Together with the students in your group, you take on a complex and challenging case. For instance, Psychology and Technology students contributed to a project about removing plaster casts for bone fractures. Currently, the cast is removed with a loud saw that can be very intimidating to children. Even though the saw is entirely safe, it instills fear and panic. Together with an orthopedic pediatrician at the Maxima Medisch Centrum, the students researched a new way to safely remove plaster casts. This could be a different type of saw or a different tool altogether.

Final Bachelor's Project

The Final Bachelor's Project is the final project of the major Psychology and Technology. In this individual project, you get started with an issue related to technology. This issue contains a link between the specializations of Robots, IT and Living. You compose a research question and use the knowledge you gained from various disciplines to collect and analyze data. Finally, you attempt to answer your research question.

The learning objectives of the Final Bachelor's Project are:

  • Formulating a research question that addresses the problem and the relevant scientific literature;
  • Conducting a literature study;
  • Applying relevant scientific theories to solve a problem related to technology;
  • Creating an adequate research design for empirical research;
  • Applying the right methodology;
  • Collecting and analyzing data;
  • Writing a scientific report individually;
  • Thinking reflectively and systematically.

Like to know more about the course structure?

Please visit our education guide to learn more about the course structure and the Bachelor Final Project. Please note: the Education Guide is a document that is used as a source of information by current TU/e students, containing detailed, practical information that is important during the course.

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