A track within the MSc Architecture, Building and Planning

Mastertrack Urban Systems and Real Estate

ECTS points
Education type
Master program
2 year
Master of Science (MSc)

How do cities function effectively for the people who live in them? How do we create healthy, safe and viable urban environments to live, work and play? The Urban Systems and Real Estate (US&RE) program gives you the tools to answer these questions.  

It looks at all aspects of city life including the local housing market, residential neighborhoods, shopping malls, urban green spaces and offices plus the transportation networks to connect them all. You will learn and develop tools and models for simulating and predicting people’s activities and movements in the city, then use them to investigate how people live, work, shop, relax and move around in cities. The tools can be used to assess the likely effects of policy measures aimed at making cities smarter, improving the quality of life in cities, reducing energy use and minimizing exposure to noise and air pollution. 

USRE is one of four optional tracks within the Architecture, Building and Planning master’s program. It deals with teaching and research in: 

  • Real estate management and development 
  • Planning, development, and management of cities 
  • Developing systems to support designers and decision makers 

Our focus on smart mobility and energy, jointly with ICT, combines expertise to contribute to the development of smart cities. Related professions include: 

  • Real estate manager 
  • Real estate developer 
  • Urban and transportation planners 
  • Researcher 
  • Spatial policy maker 
  • Building information technologist 
  • Expert in design and decision support systems 
  • Process expert in large urban projects 

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Core programs

Within the Architecture, Building and Planning master's program, we offer four optional tracks: 

Architectural Urban Design and Engineering (AUDE)

Design tomorrow’s building and cities with options to qualify to register as an architect, an urban designer or both.

Building Physics and Services

Make the buildings and cities of tomorrow energy neutral, sustainable, healthy, and comfortable.

Structural Design (SD)

Innovative structural design, material-related research and mechanics applied to structural aspects.

Urban Systems and Real Estate (USRE)

Creating healthy, safe and viable urban environments to live, work and play.

NVAO Accreditation

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