A track within the MSc Architecture, Building and Planning

Mastertrack Urban Systems and Real Estate

Cities are made of people and bricks, the interaction between the two is crucial. The USRE master track teaches how to develop people-focused built environments that can tackle challenges our society is facing in the constantly changing world. Challenges like: stimulating healthy work environments; fighting loneliness among elderly; a need for energy neutral cities; creating sustainable transportation, etc.

The program looks at cities as systems in which real estate (housing, offices, shopping malls, health care properties) and the transportation and neighbourhood networks closely interact. Our students learn modelling tools, informatics and data science techniques to understand and predict people’s behaviour in these systems. They learn to identify pivotal actors and decision-making processes, design organization strategies and use smart technology to create healthy and pleasant buildings and neighbourhoods for people to live and work in.

The program is highly multidisciplinary and smart technology based. The teachers have expertise in engineering, psychology, data science and ICT, economics and management, urban and transport planning. This expertise builds on high level scientific research they are doing, often in collaboration with market and governmental organizations.

The broad USRE master track leads to a wide choice of possible career perspectives. Our alumni are employed in various commercial and governmental organisations, and quite a few have own companies. The alumni work as: real estate managers and developers, urban and transport planners, researchers, civil servants, building information experts, process and project managers in large urban projects, etc

Core programs

Within the Architecture, Building and Planning master's program, we offer four optional tracks. However, the programs are extremely flexible, and you have freedom to compose your own personal study plan according to your interests, capacities or other motives. A member of the academic staff will be your mentor and sounding board to discuss your goals and choices.

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