TU/e has appointed an Ombudsman for staff who contributes to a safe working environment and to the learning ability of the organization, by advising on the basis of reports and/or serious signals about (structural) bottlenecks in procedures and regulations. 

The Ombudsman for staff acts independently and impartially and has no relationship of authority in this function. The Ombudsman for staff is a confidential contact point for employees who experience bottlenecks and/or wish to report abuses.

Employees of TU/e can contact the ombudsman for staff among others for (structural) problems with cooperation, bottlenecks in certain procedures, incorrect and or unreasonable treatment or actions of persons or agencies within TU/e. This can be done confidentially and without any formalities. The ombudsman can mediate between the parties and conduct an independent investigation if she considers it necessary.

Mrs. mr. dr. A.D.W. (Anna) Soedira
Working days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Phone: 06 28525707
E-mail: ombudsman@tue.nl

More information can be found on the intranet.