The research program of the Eindhoven School of Education is entitled "Preparing and supporting teachers for innovative STEM learning." STEM is the abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The central questions in the research program are:

1)  What ways of STEM learning and learning environments contribute to preparing learners for the challenges of the 21st century?

2)    What characterizes a professional STEM teacher’s professional identity in innovative contexts and schools and what are relevant issues that need to be addressed in teacher professional learning and development?

3)    How can teachers’ professional development for these challenges (see question 2) be stimulated and supported?

4)    What are the various effects of (student) teachers’ professional development/learning processes?

The research of the Eindhoven School of Education focuses mainly on secondary and higher education. Research results are directly applicable in the Master of Science Education and Communication as well as in innovation projects in schools. In addition, the Eindhoven School of Education actively contributes to the education of the Departments at the TU/e by initiating and evaluating educational innovations.

Details and theoretical backgroud can be found in the research program (in English -pdf, 2016). Contributions within the program originate from different types of research such as doctoral research, short-term educational research, innovation and contract research, but also research projects conducted by students in the Master of Science Education and Communication ESoE.