2019 IE&IS Valorization Prize winners: Rob Broekmeulen and Karel van Donselaar

In the picture: Ingrid Heynderickx, Karel van Donselaar, Rob Broekmeulen and Carel-Jan van Driel (from left to right).

Rob Broekmeulen and Karel van Donselaar introduce unique research ideas into the market with a positive and valuable impact on environment, society, politics and business.

The jury, chaired by Carel-Jan van Driel (member of the Advisory Board of the department IE&IS), has received 14 submissions with all very different evidence of clear societal impact of research of the department. The jury had a hard time selecting the submission with the biggest impact, yet selected the winning proposal of Broekmeulen and Van Donselaar because “their empirical research to reduce waste in the food chain has a huge societal impact and fits closely into the global agenda on food. Aside from preventing waste, their research clearly generates profit and saves money. It impacts business models that are currently used. As a result of the research, retailers can optimize their business model and adapt their storage approach. What is more, their research benefits not only regular retailers, but also societal organizations focusing on the food chain.”

The jury praises the valorization efforts: “Publications, webinars and lectures have been given extensively to disseminate the knowledge widely. The theory and practical experiences are already integrated in Bachelor and Master education. In addition, the research is actively used to educate industry, politics and societal organizations.”

The IE&IS Valorization Prize consists of a 5,000 Euro cheque to be used for research purposes desired by the winners.

More information on the "Sell more, waste less, be fresh" research