The department consists of several research groups. The department focuses on long-term, general, system-oriented research. The crux of the department is devoted to designing, analyzing, improving and manufacturing new products and processes, as well as the materials needed for this. The department is fully discipline-oriented and is structured along disciplines – such as mechanics, materials, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, control, systems and design to name but a few.

Societal themes and industrial trends
Application areas such as nano- and micro-scale technology and automotive technology are pursued in different discipline groups as a joint effort. This is a distinctive feature of our department. Indeed, such a paradigm shift enables a mechanical engineering department to better and more flexibly cope with new challenges arising from societal themes such as energy, mobility, safety & security, environment, health & care, and important industrial trends like miniaturization.

Research assessment
Periodically the Department of Mechanical Engineering is visited by an independent international committee of recognized scientists with the aim to assess the research within the department. Input for this research assessment is a self-assessment report, written by the department. The most recent self-assessment report and the report of the review committee are available online.