Around 220.000 printed books and over 600.000 digital books (also called e-books) can be found via the LibrarySearch. You can access full text collection at the MetaForum building or via a remote location with a VPN connection or the proxy server. The (e-)books collection includes monographs, reference works, textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, evidence-based practices and more from different scientific and scholarly society publishers. Besides that, the library also offers try outs for certain e-book collections for one year.


The Library acquisition policy for (e-)books is that we try to order a digital book that is accessible for the whole institution simultaneously and has no limitation on the amount of users that can access the book. Publishers have different kinds of institutional subscription models and therefore we cannot always order an e-book. In that case, we will look for a printed book that our users can access at the MetaForum Library building. You can use our purchase form to suggest an (e-)book to acquire for the TU/e Library Collection.

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