Complex Molecular Systems

Creating future technologies by mastering complexity

Molecules constitute the world around us—both natural and synthetic. Even we humans are teeming with molecules. Through understanding of complex molecular systems at the most fundamental level we are able to shape the future of materials, energy, mobility, health, and life itself. At TU/e, the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS) performs research in this exciting field.

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Institute for Complex Molecular Systems

The Institute for Complex Molecular Systems is the interdisciplinary TU/e institute for research and education in the area of molecular complexity. Located at the heart of the TU/e campus, in walking distance from the contributing departments of Mathematics, Engineering, Chemical Technology, Biomedical Sciences, and Physics, the institute brings together excellent researchers of all kinds, enabling cross-fertilization of ideas across departments and across disciplines.

Since 2008, ICMS creates and maintains a versatile and fruitful research environment to

  • identify the underlying academic research questions;
  • enrich the scientific toolbox and infrastructure;
  • train talented researchers in an interdisciplinary environment;
  • inspire researchers through industrial research challenges;
  • expand and diversify the TU/e expert network in Complex Molecular Systems.



Researching fundamental matters

The TU/e research in Complex Molecular Systems is dedicated to a fundamental understanding of complexity in molecular systems. It address research challenges and pushes the boundaries of science by unifying basic principles of chemistry, biomedical sciences, engineering, physics and mathematics. The obtained knowledge provides the foundation for the development of future technologies in materials science, energy, mobility, and health.

In particular, we actively pursue two major goals. First, our focus is on the design and synthesis of smart materials for the creation of molecular devices. Secondly, we use our expertise to unravel the molecular complexity of living systems and to develop biology into an engineering science. The research, arranged in seven focus areas, is performed in the context of the TU/e's Institute for Complex Molecular Systems.


TU/e research in Complex Molecular Systems thrives thanks to alliances with industry and research institutions, both nationally and internationally. These provide meaningful input, enhance the research relevance and strengthen the TU/e efforts in mastering complexity.

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