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Dynamics and Control

Our mission is to perform top-level research and train next-generation students on the topic of understanding and predicting the dynamics of complex engineering systems in order to develop advanced control, estimation, planning, and learning strategies which are at the core of the intelligent autonomous systems of the future.

Designing and realizing smart autonomous systems for the industry and society

Autonomous vehicles, fully automated industrial value chains, high-tech systems, collaborative robots in unstructured environments, intelligent medical devices, automated transportation networks, soft robotics, together with sustainable automotive technology are key examples of the broad application domain of the Dynamics and Control section.

The design of these systems requires a thorough understanding of their underlying dynamics. Therefore, the first focal point of our research is on both data-based and first-principles-based modelling, model complexity management, and dynamic analysis of complex, multi-physics and multi-disciplinary engineering systems.

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The group of Dynamics and Control has the following research themes:

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The Dynamics and Control section is operating the following laboratories in the Mechanical Engineering Department, in collaboration with the section Control Systems Technology.

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