Kees Goossens

CompSOC Lab- Predictable & Composable Embedded Systems

We research predictable embedded-systems architectures to accelerate verification of real-time performance and safety. To speed up system design we focus on conceptual simplicity and on independent design, verification, and upgrading of applications (composability). We prove our concepts with ASIC, FPGA, middleware, and full-system demonstrators.

Research Profile

System design is increasingly complex, as a growing number of applications are integrated in modern systems. Some of these applications have safety and real-time requirements, such as a minimum throughput or a maximum latency, but others do not, resulting in a mixed-criticality system. To reduce cost, system resources are shared between applications, making their timing behavior inter-dependent. Real-time requirements must hence be verified for all possible combinations of concurrently executing applications, which is not feasible with commonly used simulation-based techniques. CompSOC addresses this problem using two complexity-reducing concepts: composability and predictability.