Department of Industrial Design

Future Everyday

Future Everyday aims at bridging the gap between emerging technologies and people’s everyday life: how to deal with uncertainties that come naturally with new and still evolving technologies, and how to translate them into meaningful products, systems and services that seamlessly blend into everyday life.

The future needs to be tangible and experienceable, to be understandable

The cluster Future Everyday conducts research to understand, explore, and shape the everyday life of individuals and small groups, which encompasses the new reality of living, commuting, and working, with routines, rituals, and many nuances, in spaces that are becoming more continuous, dynamic, experiential, and responsive in the future with emerging technologies. We design and analyse the touch-points where humans and technologies meet and extend into each other – the permeable membrane between a system of technologies and a system of people. In the cluster Future Everyday, we carry on the proud tradition of the department to be always in the forefront of experimenting with emerging technologies. We currently focus on technologies such as internet of things, wearables and soft things, additive manufacturing, small and local data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, while exploring into smart materials and bio-materials.

Research Project Intelligent Play Environments

The Intelligent Play Environments project (I-PE) was a project funded by FES (Ministry of Economic Affairs) which aims to create playful solutions that stimulate primary school students to be more physically active.

Research Project DO CHANGE

The Do CHANGE project develops a health ecosystem for integrated disease management for hypertensive and cardiac patients.

Research Project 12CoRT

The i2CoRT brings together state-of-the-art knowledge & experience of rehabilitation centers, knowledge centers, (SME) businesses, healthcare sector organizations and patients (organizations.

Meet some of our Researchers

Meet our Research Labs

Our researchers and students can use several labs to support their research and educational activities. Our department has Generic Make-Labs, Specific Make-Labs and Research Labs.

The Light lab is a state of the art lab to develop interactive lighting systems. It has all necessary facilities and equipment to conduct light experiments, explore installations and effects, and conduct user research. The Light lab supports experiments at different scales (small box, large box, room and theatre level), with adequate light sources and control equipment (LED, DMX, Arduino) allowing you to implement your ideas quickly to support rapid prototyping for an iterative design process. The Light lab also involves Living lab facilities, in particular an office and a breakout space equipped with connected lighting, allowing to explore and study interfaces and effects of light in a realistic context.