Past events

2022 ILIAD

On 21 November 2022, the Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI) of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) organized its annual public outreach event.

During ILIAD we highlight recent developments in responsible research & innovation in science & technology in light & intelligent lighting and its applications in, for instance, health & well-being.

This year we focussed on the role of light in preventing diseases by a healthy living environment and behavior. Light has a powerful impact on human everyday functioning. It is the most important time cue of our biological lock. Moreover, light can induce more acute beneficial effects on alertness mood and performance. ILI is preparing Light 4 Life, an NWA proposal on this subject. We would like to share the current research ideas and have invited guest speakers from potential partners in this research.

GLOW 2022: Papertrails and Unplugged by Team Ignite

In 2022 Team IGNITE showcased 3 new interactive light installations at the GLOW light festival in the city center of Eindhoven



GLOW 2021: Transformation by Light

GLOW 2021: Transformation by Light

In the anniversary year 2021, TU/e converted its campus into one of the main GLOW areas in the city of Eindhoven. The Intelligent Lighting Institute took on the challenge to create a collection of light artworks breathing the innovative character of the university. 

Early 2021, we devised an initial plan based on the theme Transformation by Light. This theme fitted naturally with the rich variation of research and education around light at TU/e. It refered to research on how light influences health and wellbeing, how light changes perception of the environment, how light makes people move, how light changes objects into information and how light is turned into energy.