TU/e's first art & tech student team

Student team Ignite

Team IGNITE is the first Art & Tech student team in the Netherlands, with over 40 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Design Academy Eindhoven and Sint Lucas. The team aims to show the potential of light and the influence that it has on human behavior, by working on a diverse range of light projects, where light, tech and design are combined in light installations, with the purpose of bringing people together.

This is achieved through the multidisciplinary efforts of students from different backgrounds and personal interests. This student community consists of a management team, multiple design projects, forming an ecosystem of students interested in lighting in which knowledge is shared and ideas are co-created with and in assignment of stakeholders from the BrainPort area (and beyond). As a result, a safe environment is created where community members can explore and improve their technical, design, and management skills.


Being an Eindhoven-based team, GLOW is the perfect festival to explore with interactive lighting installations. Ever since 2018 - when Ignite's first installation was developed- each year Ignite participated with one or more projects. The team is now a structural partner of GLOW, with the aim to drive innovation in the festival. 

Find out more about previous projects for GLOW 2021 and 2022

Follow the team on the website: www.teamignite.nl or on Instagram