After graduation

After the degree: in charge of where you go next

After completing your degree in Embedded Systems, you possess a sought-after combination of a scientific perspective with the approach of an engineer. This provides you with an excellent foundation for a successful career, whether you continue your academic career in a PhD track or jump-start your career outside the university.

A recent 2022 study by the Elsevier EW and the research institute SEO Economisch Onderzoek, shows that graduating from the Embedded Systems master program positions an alumnus well for the labour market. According to the study, ES alumni find their skills in high demand. They often get placed with a good salary, and a high chance of getting a fixed contract, within 15 months of their employment.
(*Find the study here)

Check via LinkedIn where some of our former students have ended up after graduating.

Where can you find our ES alumni?

The numerous fields of application of Embedded Systems provide you with a broad range of employment possibilities. Like our alumni, you could be working in: 

  • Embedded systems industry;
  • Research laboratories;
  • Universities of the education sector;
  • Software industry;
  • Outplacement companies;
  • Government sector.