The Bachelor's Program

Why do people feel so attached to their mobile phones? Why are computer games so addictive? How can you use games to get to know someone better, or to help their rehabilitation? How can you design street lighting so that it only switches on when there is actually someone there? And if you do that, will people still feel safe and secure? Can a robot really have human emotions, just like we do? How do you know who you’re in contact with on the internet? 

Do you find these questions interesting?
If so, Psychology & Technology is the right program for you! To answer questions like these, you need knowledge of both technology and psychology. How can you design smart street lighting? How do you make 3D images? But also: what kind of things motivate people? How does human perception work? How do people think and take decisions? What are emotions? And how do our brains work?

Unique program
Our program is unique because of the combination of psychological and technological courses. You learn to speak the language of technology, but also to think like a psychologist, and to understand how you can best make technology work for people.

Aspects of the program that students most value include the:

  • Interesting subjects
  • Small scale
  • Accessibility
  • Breadth of the program
  • Good atmosphere

In brief: all the advantages of a renowned university with international contacts, and none of the disadvantages of a large organization where you’re just ‘another face in the crowd’.

Practical focus
The Bachelor’s program in Eindhoven gives you a broad basis over three years, in which the practical aspects are a constant and strong element. You work together with fellow students on a number of Design-Based Learning (OGO) projects.

Master’s program
After this Bachelor’s program you can transition directly to the TU/e Master’s program in Human-Technology Interaction. Depending on your choice of elective courses, you can also transition to other Master’s programs at TU/e or other universities. You can also choose to follow a part of your Master’s program in another country.
Your coach will help you choose the right courses to match your own interests and the Master’s program you want to follow.