For schools and teachers

ESoE aims to support the professional development and lifelong learning of STEM teachers who focus on the learning of their students and who contribute to innovative education from an academic perspective. Innovative teachers regularly update their teaching with new developments both in STEM-related areas, but also with socio-scientific issues in their environment or in society. To realize this aim, regular collaboration with colleagues in diverse partnerships is essential.

ESoE participates in seven partnerships: AOS Limburg, AOS-Midden-Brabant (Den Bosch & Tilburg), AOS Noordoost-Brabant, AOS Zuidoost-Brabant, Brabantse Opleidingsschool (BOS) en TRION. Each partnership made formal agreements about the number of internships, conducting research, and the best possible ways to guide internships.

Working in a partnership includes participating in steering groups, design teams, and research teams. Next to that, ESoE is involved in professional development trajectories, such as guiding research teachers and organizing professional learning communities and outreach activities.

In the partnerships, there is fine-tuning about the curricula of all participating teacher education institutes, i.e. with the teacher education institutes of the Applied Universities of Tilburg (FLOT), Nijmegen (HAN), and Sittard (FLOS), and the Universities of Tilburg (ULT) and Nijmegen (Radboud). ESoE also works together with the association of Secondary Schools (OMO), with ORION schools, and the so-called Brainport Schools. ESoE is involved in projects that aim to reduce educational staff shortages (RAP-trajectories) and is an active member of the Zuidelijke Educatieve Alliantie that connects all (higher) education institutes (applied and academic universities) into one alliance.