FAQ about parking

  • Am I obligated to deposit funds in my account?

    If you only use your 'free parking days', you do not need to deposit funds. You will not receive a message when your free parking days have been used up.
    On your personal page of (H)eerlijk Parkeren, you can check how many days you have left, and in “(H)eerlijk Parkeren” you can keep track of your parking history (Number of € 0,00 days you parked).

    In order to be able to park at the TU/e for € 2,- a day, you will need to deposit a minimum amount of € 25 on your account. If you wish to terminate your subscription, the funds that you still have in your parking account, will be transferred to...

  • Can I charge my electric vehicle on campus?

    All about e-charging on campus

    There are 36 charging points available on the TU/e Campus (Amber and MIVA included).
    These charging points can be found on the following locations:

    • 2 near the MultiMediaPaviljoen
    • 24 near the Auditorium (20 regular, 2 MIVA and 2 Amber)
    • 4 near Vertigo
    • 4 near Flux

    Please see the map for the exact locations.

    Also 2 charging points can be found on the MMS side (for TU/e employees). The points can be recognized by the special traffic signs and markings on the ground.

    In the event of a charging point malfunction, please call someone at the...

  • Can I park with two cars at the same time?

    Via (H)eerlijk Parkeren you have the opportunity to enter/link two license plates on your account, however it is not possible to be present at the campus with two cars at the same time.

  • Can my remaining parking credit be refunded?

    Yes. To do so, there are two ways. Which way is yours, depends of how you upgraded your credit:

    • Via iDeal
    • Via the cash machine at Kranenveld 

    If you have upgraded your credit at least once via iDeal, the remaining credit balance will be refunded after you have sent a request by e-mail to parking@tue.nl , mentioning your campus card number and your bank account number. If you have used a ING bank account, the money will be in your account within the same day. If you have used a different bank, this might take up to maximum 3 days.  

    In case you have only paid via the cash machine...

  • Do I get a warning message if my parking credit is running low?

    Yes, you will receive an e-mail when there is less than € 10,- worth of deposit in your account. If you have too little balance, the barrier will still open when you enter the campus. But then you do will have problems at the exit. The reason you can enter the campus, is that you must have the opportunity to leave the campus for free within 30 minutes, even with a low balance.

    Be aware that the email warning offers no guarantee. You might possibly overlook this message or something goes wrong when sending. You are still responsible for having enough deposit in your account.

  • Do I have to pay for parking my motorcycle?

    No, that's not necessary. If you come by motorcycle, you may enter the campus on the right side of the barriers (bicycle entrance). There is another FAQ to see where special motorcycle parking spaces are located.

  • How can I deposit funds?

    There are two ways to deposit funds:

    • by making an iDEAL payment via your web page of “(H)eerlijk Parkeren
    • by making a deposit at the parking machine located at “Kraneveld” (behind the Matrix building placed against the Helix building).

    You can make a deposit of a minimum amount of Euro 25 and a maximum amount of Euro 400.

  • How can I get an exit ticket?

    Exit tickets can be ordered for € 7,50 each (excl VAT). The exit tickets for the parking area "Kranenveld" (at the South side of the TNO building) are different and cannot be used at the other barriers.

    Exit tickets
    Three working days after ordering the exit tickets can be retrieved at the reception of Laplace. The reception is open every Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6:30 pm.

    Exit tickets for special activities and events
    At an event, external companies or organisations that are not housed on the TU/e campus, can use the TU/e campus for parking by visitors and participants. Click here for the...

  • How to apply for a parking subscription?

    Please send your request for a parking subscription to parking@tue.nl. Please include your first name, last name, the name of the hiring organization/employer and if applicable the number on your campus card. After receipt of a personal email indicating that you can activate your parking subscription, you can use the manual for (H)Eerlijk Parkeren.

  • How to change my parking subscription?

    Those who have a parking subscription in "(H)eerlijk parkeren" can change their licence plate number online. Those who don't, can ask their contact person of his/her organisation to change their licence plate number.

  • How to pay for parking?

    You have a campus card with which you can deposit funds for parking. You can do so via IDEAL by going to “mijn tegoed” (my balance) in (H)Eerlijk Parkeren, or at the machine located at “Kraneveld” (behind the Matrix building placed against the Helix building). You can make a deposit of a minimum amount of Euro 25 and a maximum amount of Euro 400. If the card contains less than Euro 10, you will receive a warning mail. If you do not react to this warning and not upload in time, you need to use a visitors card when entering the campus, and you will pay Euro 7,50 per day for parking.

  • I am a student, can I park on campus?

    In the past students could apply for a parking season ticket at a fixed rate per year. This regulation does not apply anymore. As from 1 September 2018 students of TU/e and Fontys can park on the campus at a fixed rate per day (regardless of the number of hours) instead of the regular visitors parking rate of € 7.50. In order to be able to park on all sites of the TU/e campus at this fixed rate, it is necessary to create an account at (H)Eerlijk parkeren and upgrade a credit balance.

    Certain exeptions apply to disabled students. These students can contact TU/e Parking.

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