Image 1: sketch Objects Mathematics by Fondation Le Corbusier, signed and dated 3 April 1958, archive: digital archive TU/e Art Collection

Since 1957, the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has been acquiring and exhibiting art by established and emerging artists and designers. The collection consists of sculptures, paintings, prints, drawings, photography, textiles, and installations. The function of the collection is not only to adorn the campus, but also to contribute to a creative environment for the students, teachers, researchers, and other employees of the university. Beloved well-known artists in the collection include Ad Dekkers, Le Corbusier and Lotti van der Gaag. Lesser-known artists are also part of the collection, about whom there is still much to discover.

Soon online

One of our research projects is currently focusing on the data registration from the TU/e Art Collection. The current available data and the provenance of the artworks are being checked via traceable and reproducible source research. At the same time, the Art Committee is discussing the possibilities of making the checked data digitally accessible. Do you have any questions, or would you like to contribute to the collection's data registration and provenance research? Then you can contact us via the email address on the landing page of this website.