Offering a continuous stream of lighting challenges in collaboration with public and private partners in our network

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Courses and Challenges

Together with TU/e innovation Space and student team Team IGNITE we aim to build a community of students that are interested in Intelligent Lighting.

We offer a continuous flow of challenges around various aspects of intelligent lighting, more information can be found on the pages Bachelor Education and Master Education. Students can also do an Innovation Space Bachelor End Project on lighting. For more information go to ISBEP.

Typically ILI is challenge owner of open ended challenges, teams decide themselves on the direction for their project. We offer our network of public and private organisations to support the teams and bring them into contact with people that can help them further.


Team Ignite

Team IGNITE is the first Art & Tech student team of the TU/e. It is a growing team with over 40 students from Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences, designing and building lighting installations for various purposes. Some installations enhance user experience, others aim at entertainment, crowd management, societal challenges (e.g. loneliness), art, historic commemorations and sculptures. Students from various backgrounds are welcome to join to explore and improve their technical, design and management skills. Students can join one of the running projects or come up with new ideas.