Department of Mechanical Engineering


Our mission is to develop innovative technological concepts and fabrication methods for microsystems for a wide range of applications. Our concepts are often inspired by biology, and our microsystems are often applied to understand biological processes that are important for health and disease.


Developing life-enhancing applications through research at the micro-scale

We develop innovative technological concepts and fabrication methods by carrying out research in our Microfab/lab, often in collaboration with industrial, biomedical, or clinical partners.  Practical applications of the group’s research range from organ-on-a-chip systems for cancer and brain research, point-of-care diagnostics, wearable health sensors, water and air quality monitoring and purification, lithography machines, displays, and brain-inspired computing, to soft microrobotics.

Our Groups


Microfab Lab

The Microsystems group manages the Microfab lab, a state-of-the-art micro fabrication facility that houses a range of micro manufacturing technologies as well as a biolab. The Microfab/Lab facilitates the development of new micromanufacturing technologies for use in life sciences applications.


Student Opportunities

Are you a student interested in graduating or doing a project in the Microsystems group? Our research covers a very broad range of subjects. We design, make and test systems for various applications, which might be medical applications, but also something in the semiconductor industry. Almost all our graduation projects we start with an idea or a practical problem that we want to solve. We then translate that into a system at a micro level. Students then go through the whole development process, from idea to concrete solution.


Microsystems: Art meets Science

Every year, researchers in the Microsystems group select their most beautiful images to showcase in a calendar. Enjoy! 


Meet some of our Researchers