Department of Electrical Engineering

Signal Processing Systems

Enabling the digital revolution through theories, algorithms, architectures and solutions for analyzing and interpreting signals, images, and multivariate data sets.

Making sense of signals, images and data 

The Signal Processing Systems (SPS) group studies theories and techniques to extract meaningful information from signals, images, and multivariate data sets. We combine academic excellence with a strong real-world impact in biomedical instrumentation, medical image analysis, video surveillance, autonomous vehicles, digital wireless and optical communication, hearing aids, and intelligent lighting.

The SPS group has top scientists in signal and image analysis, information and communication theory, and machine learning and artificial intelligence. We also host many senior clinical and industrial experts on a part-time basis, which allows many of our students to be co-supervised by these experts.


Researchers Electrical Engineering shine at Japanese optoelectronics conference

July 12, 2019

Researchers of the department presented an impressive 16 papers, of which 1 was invited, 2 won awards, and 2 were post-deadline.

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New professor Lukas Dekker: improved identification and treatment of arrhythmias

February 27, 2019

Cardiologist-electrophysiologist Lukas Dekker of the Catharina Hospital was appointed part-time professor this month. His chair is called 'Technology for outcome-driven cardiac care'.

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Strong boost for medical-technological developments in the Eindhoven Brainport region

June 14, 2018

Five Eindhoven organizations are going one step further to speed up the development and application of medical innovations. The collaboration between TU Eindhoven, Philips, Máxima Medical Center, Catharina Hospital and the Kempenhaeghe Expertise Center in e/MTIC (Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center) will lead to more technical innovation in healthcare. 

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Our labs

Artificial Intelligence within the SPS Group

The SPS group conducts both fundamental and application-driven research on cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for signal processing systems. We also provide a broad palette of academic coursework on AI that ranges from neuroscience-inspired learning algorithms to deep learning technology and from introductory to highly specialized levels. 

Our group includes more than 25 academic faculty members and about 100 PhD students with specialized expertise across a wide range of machine learning and signal processing topics. This page provides a gateway to our activities on AI for signal processing systems.

Meet some of our Researchers

Work with us!

Please check out the TU/e vacancy pages for opportunities within our group. 

If you are a student, potential sponsor or industrial partner and want to work with us, please contact the SPS group chair prof. Jan Bergmans.


As a hub in the regional innovation ecosystem, our group collaborates intensively with industry, hospitals and other societal stakeholders, with broad impact:

  • Bidirectional staff exchanges: around 20 senior experts from strategic industrial and clinical partners have part-time appointments in the group, mostly at the level of full professor. Also, several of our senior staff members serve as scientific advisor to a variety of high-tech companies. Furthermore, many of our PhD students are embedded for a significant part of their time with strategic partners.
  • Joint roadmaps: we contribute structurally to joint roadmaps with industry in the framework of e.g. the Center for Wireless Technology, the Center for Care and Cure Technologies and the Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center.
  • Industrial funding: many of our PhD projects are funded partly (and in several cases fully) by industry.
  • Patents: our research frequently results in patent applications, either jointly with industry or with TU/e as main applicant.
  • Real-world applications: over the years, many of our research results were absorbed in industrial products and/or clinical practice.
  • Start-up companies: since 2000 we have produced 11 start-up companies.


Student opportunities

All Master projects offered by the Electrical Engineering department can be found at the Master Project Marketplace. You can login to this website using your TU/e account. Or contact Svitlana Zinger or Alex Alvarado

For options within the Labs, please have a look at: BIAS Lab BM/d Lab ICT Lab Neu3CA VCA Lab



Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center (e/MTIC)

Bringing technical innovations all the way from early research to implementation and commercialization can often take a long time. In healthcare innovation, in particular, this lost time can often equate to lost lives. The goal of the Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center (e/MTIC) is to create and expand an ecosystem that strongly increases the speed of high-tech health innovation, maximizing value for patients. We consider such an ecosystem to be an unmet need and a unique opportunity for the Brainport region to make significant contributions to visionary new developments in healthcare. e/MTIC is a large-scale research collaboration between the Catharina Hospital (CH), the Maxima Medical Center (MMC), Kempenhaeghe Epilepsy and Sleep Center (KH), Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Royal Philips Eindhoven (RPE) in the domains cardiovascular medicine, perinatal medicine and sleep medicine. The partnership has evolved over several decades, has a strong scientific and valorization track record and currently encompasses around 100 PhD students, supervised by a similar number of experts from the various partners.