A typical aspect of robotics is the multidisciplinarity, which makes this field of research both very challenging as interesting. Developing a robot typically involves mechanics, electronics and computer science, but often also physics, mathematics and social sciences. Furthermore, an intensive interaction with the users is of major importance, as robots are typically designed to work closely together with human. Also to get robots socially accepted the involvement of end-users is essential.

Therefore, most projects in robotics involve the cooperation between multiple institutions, companies and academia, as well as government and user organizations.

Since April 2010, in the Netherlands robotics activities are coordinated by ‘RoboNED’. This Dutch Robotics Platform aims at stimulating the synergy between the robotics fields and to formulate a focus.

The goal of RoboNED is threefold: First, RoboNED brings together the various fields and disciplines involved in robotics. Secondly, RoboNED stimulates the innovation-ecosystem in the Netherlands by uniting stakeholders from research, education, industry, government and society. Thirdly, RoboNED stimulates the social acceptance of robotics in the Netherlands.