Designed Intelligence Group

Robotics in the Designed Intelligence Group

he Designed Intelligence (DI) group focuses on the design of intelligent systems, products and services that are characterized by three main aspects: (1) sensor based input, (2) context awareness and adaptive signal processing, and (3) actuator controlled output.

The DI group investigates the software and hardware architecture, and provides the necessary technical expertise to design and build such kind of systems. Most of the DI researchers have a strong background in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, and human-system interaction design.

The DI research approach is a particular form of research through design. Industrial design research should be problem-oriented and design-oriented, based on respect for people and society in general. It should also be of sound scientific state of art. This idea of problem and design orientation has to do with the strong feeling that systems, products and services should address society's problems, and that technology offers great design opportunities to be exploited. Compared to more traditional disciplines like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, this means that the DI group tries to pay more attention to peoples' actual needs. DI research and design are not focused on one specific technology. The DI group favours a multidisciplinary design approach.