Dynamics and Control

Robotics in the Dynamics and Control group

The mission of the Dynamics and Control group of the department of Mechanical Engineering is to conduct high-level research with the emphasis on modeling, analysis and control of mechanical and mechatronic systems. Nonlinear dynamics and control in robotics is one of the focus areas of the group. The inherent dynamic properties of robotic systems involve physical and geometrical nonlinearities, possibly a large number of degrees of freedom with interactions between them, and are often controlled by complex computer algorithms. The combination of these properties easily leads to challenges in modeling, analysis and successful implementation of (model-based) controllers in robotic systems. The knowledge of the group in the field of nonlinear dynamics and control is used to cope with these challenges in the following robotic topics:

  • Stability and control of robotic arms for cooperative manipulation of objects
  • Coordination, synchronization and formation control of mobile wheeled robots in for example automatic warehouse management systems
  • Haptics, shared control and teleoperation of robotic arms in for example nuclear fusion plants
  • Design and implementation of robot vision algorithms
  • Balance and control of humanoid robots for bipedal walking and autonomous assistance in households, offices and hospitals

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