Universal technology-platforms for aging-in-place


Demographic changes call for aging-in-place and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) [1]. ICT-services, such as robots, may support continuing good health for older people, by preventing inflictions and accidents, and providing support for restrictions. The aim of this PhD study is to define and test a technology platform that facilitates the integration of ICT-services including (robotic) applications in relation to the needs and wishes of the end-users. The support for complex robots applications will be tested by integrating future robotic (and smart-home) applications that use the RoboEarth database with a universal technology-platform.

The needs of older people differ and change over time. A universal technology-platform that facilitates a broad range of ICT-services is therefore needed for a widespread introduction of ICT-services. The European project universAAL is developing such a technology platform [2]. With the use of aging-in-place scenarios, we are testing this platform for its fit with the various applications to maintain the end-user’s health.

1. Steg H, Strese H, Hull J, Schmidt S. Europe is facing a demographic challenge, Ambient Assisted Living offers solutions. AAL; 2006.
2. universAAL project. universaal.org

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