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TU/e innovation Space is a community and facility that supports interdisciplinary hands-on education, engineering design and entrepreneurship. It’s a place where students learn to deal with complex societal and industrial challenges, create prototypes and develop innovations in collaboration with researchers, businesses and each other. Furthermore, it provides a space and support for lecturers that develop and offer hands-on courses and want to contribute to innovation in education.

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For students

As a student at TU/e you want to develop yourself in order to build the career you desire. Future employers demand skills such as creative thinking, problem solving and the ability to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams. However theoretical knowledge alone is not sufficient anymore. TU/e innovation Space brings theory to life and enables you to acquire these necessary skills engineers for the future need to possess.

For TU/e staff

Would you like your students to work in interdisciplinary teams on real life challenges? 


For industry

Building on the strong scientific collaboration that the TU/e has with industry, TU/e innovation Space helps in developing an educational ecosystem to deliver the best engineers for this industry, the “Engineers for the Future”. Hereby it strives to contribute forming engineers that are better equipped to the demands of the job market and to serve as a visible and inspiring showcase.

Imagine what an entire team of students, dedicated to your project, supervised by scientists and working independently, could do for you. TU/e innovation Space makes this possible. How? By providing single weekend hackathons, quick, intensive student projects or all-year, full-time project teams. 


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