Valorization is at the heart of a significant fraction of the department´s research activities. It's both a natural consequence of the industrial eco-system in and around Eindhoven, which contains many high-tech companies that are keen on benefitting from the expertise and research opportunities that are available in the department, as well as an element that is deeply engrained in the TU/e as whole, and a feature by which the university and the department distinguish themselves from other institutions in the Netherlands. The department has embraced four main valorization themes 'Smart Materials and Processes', 'Renewable Energy', 'High Tech Systems', and 'Engineering Health' that are directly linked to the Cross-disciplinary Research Themes defined at the TU/e level.

Researchers in the Department of Applied Physics and Science Education are working together with Universities, Research Institutes and R&D Laboratories all over the world, with an emphasis on the Industrial Partners in the Brainport region. 

Together with the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Department of Applied Physics and Science Education runs SMPE/e (School  of Medical Physics and Engineering Eindhoven). SMPE/e offers postgraduate programs in clinical, medical engineering and medical informatics for and in cooperation with Hospitals and other Healthcare Centers. 

The added value that is created by the department´s knowledge and technology transfer and the numerous joint research activities with external partners – both within the university and in connection with high-tech industries in the direct vicinity of the university – is well recognized.

Take-off for tech startups in Brainport

The Gate is the platform for tech startups in the first stage of their existence. At The Gate, business developers and IP-experts of Brainport Development and Eindhoven University of Technology offer honest and independent advice. The shared goal is to improve the quantity and quality of the high tech startup climate in Brainport Eindhoven. Together with the partners Brabant Development Agency (BOM), Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Summa College and the regional startup ecosystem, the business developers provide information and guidance on workspaces, financing, training and coaching to entrepreneurial students, scientists and tech starters.



These companies either originated from student or research projects, or they are founded by Applied Physics alumni.