The Department of Electrical Engineering offers top-class academic education in the domain of Electrical, Electronics and Information Systems Engineering Science & Technology. The overall objective of the program is to train and educate talented people so that they are prepared to embark upon a professional career on an academic level in the field of Electrical Engineering.

The department organized its education, research and valorization on the basis of four societal themes: ‘Connected World’, ‘Care and Cure’, ‘Smart and Sustainable Society’ and ‘Automotive’. The themes were envisioned to create a clearer picture of the department’s activities, and have, for example, been used to define bachelor elective packages and Bachelor Final Projects (BEP).

Connected World addresses the exponentially growing societal hunger for communication. The department has achieved a world-leading position in research related to this development.

Care and Cure addresses the major societal challenge coming with an ageing society. Most of the activities in health technology currently have a prominent EE signature.

Smart and Sustainable Society addresses the enormous challenges with respect to a smooth and scalable transition from fossil fuel based energy supply to sustainable energy supply.

Automotive addresses the need for a next generation in mobility systems. Autonomous cars, trains, high efficiency energy conversion, and congestions all need an EE-approach.

PhD at the Department of Electrical Engineering

Do you have a master's degree and do you aspire to a career in scientific research? Then consider a PhD position at the TU/e. For four years, you will conduct (paid) in-depth research within a specific field of research at a top international university. Right in the middle of Brainport (the smartest region in the world!) and known for its strong ties with industry.