The Department

  • Established in 1956

    Electrical Engineering (EE) is one of the nine departments of Eindhoven University of Technology

  • Education

    EE offers:

    BSc Automotive Technology/BSc Electrical Engineering

    MSc Electrical Engineering/MSc Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Systems/Mastertrack Care and Cure/Mastertrack Connected World Technologies

    PDEng Healthcare Systems Design/PDEng Information and Communication Technology


  • Research

    9 Research groups

    6 Centers

Departmental Board

The Departmental Board (DB) is responsible for all the decisions on issues of research, education, overall finances, personnel and support at the department level. The chairs of the research groups are responsible for each group’s research content, staffing and finances. Formal meetings are held for discussions between the Department Board (DB) and the Advisory Board, the Department Council, and the Management Platform (MP), of which all research group chairs are a member.

The Departmental Board is composed as follows:

Assistant to the Departmental Board / dean Bart Smolders
Daniëlle van der Hagen

Assistant to the managing director Jolie van Wevelingen
Monique Hunck

Research Staff

To search for specific researchers within the department of Electrical Engineering, please go to the search research staff webpage.

Mission statement

Mission of the department: acquire, share and transfer knowledge, skills and understanding in the whole field of “Electrical Engineering” through education, research and valorization.

Our impact:

• Provide well-educated engineers to society, answering regional, national and international demand.

• Contribute to the development of technology and societal progress by performing outstanding research.

Our associations

IEEE Student Branch Eindhoven

IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) is an international organization by and for academic engineers in the field of electrical engineering. Worldwide, there are more than 330.000 members.  IEEE SBE is the student branch at the TU/e. It is the most active branch of IEEE in Europe. Every year, they organise a wide range of activities. With this, the Student Branch Eindhoven prepares students socially, culturally and professionally for their future. More information on IEEE SBE, its activities and memberships can be found on the IEEE student branch website.

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Our department seeks to create and maintain an enduring and mutually inspiring relationship with its former students. A number of facilities have been set up at departmental and TU/e level to support this intention. The department has its own alumni association: Veni

Stay connected with Alumni portal TU/e | In Touch!

This portal offers you as many interesting opportunities to strengthen the connection with each other and the university, for example through various circles (networks) or through coaching students. You will also find the latest news in the field of research, developments and activities from TU/e. In short, the Alumni Portal is the starting point for a lively online TU/e Alumni community worldwide!